Sunday, April 13, 2008

Face Packs - To remove Sun Tan

Here are some collecton of some homemade Anti-Suntan Face Packs.   The ingrediants used are easily available in kitchen and these are widely used in Skin Care, Natural Beauty.

Lemon-glycerine pack:

Mix Lemon juice and glycerine in the ratio of 1:1. Apply on tanned areas. wash off when dry. This can be used as night lotion too. This will gently remove Tan if done daily.

Milk-Lemon Pack:

Mix whole Milk and Lemon Juice in the ratio of 3:1. Milk will curdle. Apply on Skin and wash off after dry.

Aloevera Face pack:

Cut the Aloevera and apply its gel on skin. This will cool the skin and also remove tan.

Sandal wood- Turmeic Pack:

Mix 1tsp of pure Sandal wood power + 1tsp of pure Turmeric powder in pure Rose Water to make it a paste. Apply on Tanned skin. Wash off in cold water after dry.


Tina said...

i have very oily skin. I get tanned very easily too. can u suggest me something that i can use daily and would be effective???

princex said...

i have very dry skin. i get tanned very easily too...can you suggest that can be used daily and effective too?